Automatic Listing Updates Provided by Spacelist

How Does It Work?

Pillar9 has partnered with Spacelist to syndicate all of your listings to Spacelist at no cost. There is no additional action or steps you need to take. We have also made it easy for you by automatically creating accounts to manage your listings and leads, as well as take advantage of Spacelist Pro services.

Active Listings in the MLS are sent to Spacelist throughout the day. For your listings to appear on Spacelist, you must have your listings set to display publicly.

No, all listings are sync’d and displayed for free. However, if you want to use Spacelist premium services such as Pro, you will receive 25% off for the first year of your annual subscription. To receive this discount, please contact

If your listings are already on Spacelist they will remain with no changes made. With the Pillar9 integration, there is a lookup completed to make sure no duplicate listings are displayed or overwritten. Moving forward, Spacelist will add, update and/or remove listings accordingly from Pillar9 several times throughout the day checking for duplicates every time.

If you’d like you opt-out of having your listings automatically listed for free on Spacelist, please email

Spacelist Overview

Founded in 2012, Spacelist’s mission is to make commercial real estate more accessible and efficient for both real estate professionals and businesses searching for space. Spacelist provides a free and easy to use listing platform to over a million unique visitors annually in Canada and is quickly scaling in the US. Spacelist also powers Economic Development Organizations across North America, as well as leading digital content sites (i.e. Retail Insider) with its listings Engine.

Pillar9 members get access to all our free listing and lead generation features, as well as access to real-time market insights via Spacelist Analytics, which you can learn more about Here. To access Analytics, please log in to your account on Spacelist and go to Menu > Analytics. 

Pillar9 members also receive a 25% discount off their first year of Spacelist Pro. Please contact for more information. 

All companies that syndicate listings to Spacelist are eligible for Spacelist’s Data Sharing Initiative. This program provides free open-access to our listing database, monthly activity reporting and real-time insights via Spacelist Analytics. 

To Sign In to Spacelist for the first time, simply go to, click ‘Sign In’ at the top right, enter your email, and click “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions to set your new password. If you are not prompted with a “Welcome Back” message after entering your email, you are not using the email provided by Pillar9. Please confirm the email address of your account in Pillar9 and try again. If you need further assistance, please contact

You can contact Spacelist by email at or by phone at 855-387-8771. 

Spacelist Pro

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Spacelist Analytics

Gain actionable insights into real-time market activity for commercial listings.

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Spacelist Engine

Manage listings on your website using Spacelist’s powerful listing tool. 

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