Canada and US Commercial Real Estate Data Solutions

We aggregate and maintain comprehensive commercial real estate data, including hundreds of thousands of listings and billions of square feet.

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Industry Applications

Access accurate and up to date information to quickly identify properties that meet the needs of your clients. Analyze the marketplace, generate new leads, and market client properties.

Want  to improve your bottom line? Easily identify properties to increase your portfolio, maximize portfolio performance, and market your buildings to the commercial real estate industry.

Leverage data to drive greater efficiency, and accurate property and market analysis. Quickly reference property characteristics such as building size, lot size, zoning, year of construction and more.

We provide information for banks, mortgage brokers/bankers, private equity firms, institutional real estate and capital market groups to streamline appraisal review, underwriting, and loan approval. Target real estate professionals representing the full range of sales and lease opportunities in the US and Canada.

Attract new businesses to your community. Market your region’s sites and buildings to the commercial real estate industry. Identify and attract the right businesses to your region and analyze your region’s performance.

Add property-centric data to your in-house assets produces deeper, data-driven insights. Eliminate second guessing and compete with greater confidence and purpose. Our data can be used for risk assessment and market analysis, providing an in depth look into the Canadian and US commercial real estate market.

API Data Feed

Listing data is available through our easy to use API endpoints. Data sets are fully customizable with a wide range of filters and criteria to include only the data you need. 

CSV Reports

Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly listing reports are available in CSV format. These are delivered and accessible 24/7 via the Spacelist Reports Dashboard.